Colleen Needles Steward


Colleen is always on the hunt for the next brilliant idea and has discovered that the ones scribbled on the back of cocktail napkins are usually the best. With more than 30 years of television experience, she spearheads the company’s new show development and oversees the production of hundreds of hours of programming.

Colleen began her career in television news at WCCO-TV - CBS, as an award-winning news anchor covering local, national and world news from Europe, Africa, New Guinea, Central and South America  and from behind the news desk.

In 1995, Colleen founded Tremendous! Entertainment so she could tell stories that are more than a minute and a half long and provide unprecedented access to fascinating places and people around the world. The company has been breaking new ground ever since with award winning programs like Bizarre FoodsRock the Park, Ghost Asylum and Bama State Style.