Jack Steward

PRODUCER and HOST of Rock the Park

Jack has displayed a knack for telling stories since hitting the record button on his first VHS camcorder as a kid. Little did he know those short films were actually a preview of coming attractions, crafting his skills as an editor and producer.

Jack headed west to pursue his love of storytelling in the Photojournalism Department at the University of Montana. His documentaries and stories often featured his favorite placesthe national parks.

Jack rose through the ranks, as a production assistant on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and an associate producer on multiple docu-series, including Off Pitch (VH1) and Ghost Asylum (Destination America). This experience would soon lead Jack to co-create and host the Emmy Award winning television show Rock the Park for The CW.

Today, Jack is living his dream, traveling to national parks, seeking thrills and adventure. He and lifelong best friend, Colton Smith, dive head first into the unpredictable experiences and challenges only the parks can offer. Jack currently resides in Redondo Beach, California, spending his time exploring and working on other film projects.