Scott Maida


There’s a rumor brewing that Scott drinks more coffee than anyone else in the company. In defense he claims pouring and filtering through information can be a grind but the reality is the free java is a great perk!  In case you didn’t notice, Scott has a punchent for puns.   Groans are music to his ears.  Scott launched his TV career as a sportscaster and went from behind the desk to behind the scenes as a producer for CBS and FSN in Minneapolis.  His “off the beaten path” journey of production house jobs and free lance gigs brought him to Tremendous! Entertainment where  he can enjoy one of his passions, the great outdoors, even if it’s from his desk!  When Scott is not Rockin’ the Park he’s rockin’ and rolling on the drums or guitar with a couple of bands. And he thinks he can sing. (i.e. Holiday Party karaoke )  Scott also spends a lot of his free time watching or coaching his sports crazy boys (Gabe and Declan).