Barron Whittet

Creative Director of Development

As a writer, field producer, director of photography, editor, and even voice over guy, Barron’s fingerprints are all over many Tremendous! projects. When a new series concept is ready to be unleashed on the world, Barron is part of the advance team that goes in to shoot, edit, and produce some of the best sizzle reels in the biz earning him the unofficial but apropos title of Sultan of Sizzles!  

Before joining Tremendous!, Barron cut his teeth as Senior Promotion Producer for the CBS O&O in Minneapolis, and then worked at Met Hodder on new ABC show sizzles and clip show specials. When he's not helping develop the next hit Tremendous! project, you'll find him onstage singing salty Lake Superior sailor songs OR mowing perfect stripes in his replica Wimbledon grass tennis court. In the immortal words of JP McEnroe "You CANNOT BE SERIOUS!"