Beth Pearlman

Co-Executive Producer

Beth knew she wanted to write and produce children’s TV shows ever since she was 12 years old, performing ventriloquist acts for toddlers’ birthday parties.  Well, she never quite got there, but she did manage to get close, working her way up to becoming an Emmy-Award winning Associate Producer at CBS Evening News in NY and Washington DC; Newscast and eventually Executive Producer of award- winning long form pieces and documentaries at WCCO-TV in Minneapolis, and her current position as a Co-Executive Producer for Tremendous! Entertainment.  She even learned all about tech and business management as an executive at Internet Broadcasting, a start-up that produced, served and managed 65 TV station websites before joining Tremendous.

Some of her favorite Tremendous projects were as Showrunner for the series Fast Foods Gone Global (Travel Channel) and Co-EP for Delicious Destinations (Travel Channel),  but her proudest “productions” are her wonderful son and daughter.

Beth is also our resident environmentalist, insisting we print on both sides of the paper, turn off lights and recycle everything! Seriously, watch out of you try to throw a bottle in the trash bin.