Jane Durkee


When she’s not ringing her bell or adding another legendary comment to her quote board, Jane knows how to keep the wheels on and the momentum going. Jane joined TEI in 1999 and has been an enthusiastic and outspoken brand ambassador since the first day at TEI.  Jane oversees all company operations and business affairs of the company. She also works closely on TEI's strategic initiatives. 

From the earliest production assignment, to heading the Sales and Distribution department, Jane’s TEI credits are on hundreds of hours of programming for major media outlets including Discovery, Travel Channel, Food Network, Hallmark, OWN, Destination America, Animal Planet, TLC, A&E, ABC, NBC, VH1, Ovation, PBS, Lifetime and National Geographic.

In between her rigorous half-marathon training and racing, Jane dedicates time each year traveling around the world volunteering with a variety of NGO’s. Jane volunteers her time teaching English to primary school age children, immersing herself in local culture and shares her exciting and life-changing experiences through still photography.  Jane is Co-Vice Chair of the MNFilmandTV Board of Directors.