Haunted Live

Travel Channel

What’s more terrifying than a heart pounding, pitch dark walk through some of the world’s most haunted places??

Doing it LIVE. 

 The Tennessee Wraith Chasers are back…and THIS time, they are unedited, unfiltered and completely unaware of the dangers lurking around every corner.

In the first LIVE paranormal series ever, our boys take us through 10 of  Tennessee’s most horrific haunts. And since it happens to be in the TWC’s very own backyard, they have a special shorthand with this breed of ghosts.

Viewers at home follow along by watching a series of webcams and help guide the investigations via Facebook and other social media. If they see something suspicious, they reach out to our team and send them in whatever direction leads to a paranormal hot spot. It's a revolutionary television experience where viewers can change the entire course of the show.